Welcome to the Red-Eyes Legacy

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Welcome to the Red-Eyes Legacy!

I am your host, Roseen. I’m a university student who’s played the Sims for YEARS. I’ve loved legacies, but never had the motivation to finish one. Want to help me finish one? Well, be a loyal reader who helps vote on my heir!

Before delving into the legacy, I recommend you read the prologue, which will tell you all about Fae Blakeney, and how she came to Sunset Valley. From here on out, follow our adventures!


Chapter 1 — A New Life

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“So, this is home,” Fae murmured to herself, looking around the empty lot. She sighed. This wasn’t exactly how she planned to start off her life in Sunset Valley. She had bought the biggest piece of land she could find, because sure that she would need a big house for herself and her future family. Problem was, she had neither, so right now, all she had to her name was a garbage can and a mailbox.

It didn’t feel like a home.

Because she felt strange just lingering around a giant hunk of land, she hailed a taxi, and without thinking she found herself asking for the gym. Exercising always helped her calm down, and she could feel herself getting nervous. Even though she was a loner, she didn’t like feeling like a homeless person. So she would exercise and get herself de-stressed.

Of course, working out was hard for Fae. She was thin and frail, with skinny arm and leg bones. She simply had no muscle to speak of. She ignored all the stares she was getting. In fact, she couldn’t even tell if they were staring at her because of her obvious lack of athletic skills, or because of her eyes.

Fae always knew she was different because of her eyes, which were a strange bright red. When she was a child, she was always teased about them. Even as a teenager, people made fun of her. She hardly had any friends, which contributed to her being a loner. Still, even though she was used to being looked at strangely, she still felt ill at ease.

After a quick shower, she decided to take off for the library. When in doubt, bury yourself in books. That was Fae’s mantra, anyway. Being a genius, she loved being around books and learning different things, so right away, she taught herself how to cook. She was slightly ashamed she couldn’t cook better. Her mother always told her she was a natural cook, but Fae had simply never practiced. So she began to learn how to do so.

However, she hadn’t been reading long when a handsome man caught her eye. After forcing her red eyes away from him for a moment, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and just introduce herself to him. After all, she needed to make some friends out here, right? She found herself shaking ever-so-slightly as she walked toward him.

“H-Hi,” she stammered. “What’s your name?”

“Christopher Steel,” he replied warmly, extending out a hand to shake hers. Quickly, she found herself talking to him for what seemed like hours. He seemed so nice, and Fae, being a hopeless romantic, fell for him instantly. Even though he seemed to have noticed her red eyes when they flickered up to meet hers, he didn’t treat her strangely at all. Fae’s heart fluttered even more when she discovered that he, just like her, was a natural cook!

It was dark outside when Christopher said, “It was wonderful to meet you, Fae. I’ll see you around!” Fae nodded with a small smile on her face.

The moment he left, however, the smile faded. He was much too great– much too great for a poor bastard woman like her. Uneasily, she walked over to one of the couches in the library and fell asleep. How could someone like Christopher Steel ever fall for someone who slept in libraries?


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((Someday, I hope to be able to make pictures to go along with this. For now, you’ll have to be pictureless. I can assure you that the legacy will, in fact, have pictures.))

Once upon a time, in a town called Dewey Valley, lived a husband and a wife. Both husband and wife were as perfect as could be. They were hard-working, pretty, rich, and important in their small town. However, the wife, Marina Blakeney, had a secret wish. What she wanted more than anything else in the world was a little girl. She had had many sons, but they were all grown-up, and Marina was nearing elder-hood. She began to give up on her dream. It didn’t help than Marshall Blakeney, her husband, didn’t want any more kids.

One day, as Marshall was tending the garden, Marina suddenly decided that she would take a walk. She didn’t know why she wanted this all of a sudden, but it felt right. As she walked along the rural roadside, she saw a tall figure standing across the road, looking at her. It was a pale man with messy black hair and sunglasses, simply standing and watching her. Dark-haired people were rare in this town, she thought. Nearly everyone, herself and her husband included, was blond. She tried to ignore him, and continued walking. To her dismay, the man seemed to follow her, always staying on his side of the road.

After a few minutes, she grew frustrated. “Who are you, and why are you looking at me?” she called out. The man didn’t reply. He only smiled.

Marina’s heart pounded, and she founded herself walking faster and faster. To her surprise, the man crossed the road. Marina froze in fear as he towered over her. “Hello, Marina,” he said, his voice light and cheerful. Yet there was something odd about it– and accent she had never heard of. “Out for a walk?”

“Y-Yes,” she replied, her voice quivering. The man chuckled.

“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cecil Vörös,” he told her. Marina nodded timidly. With a name like that, he was definitely not from around here. “I’m new in town,” he told her, seeming to understand her confusion.

“What do you want?” Marina finally had the courage to stammer. Cecil chuckled.

“Not me,” he replied, “but it’s what you want, Marina.” Marina frowned. What was he going on about? However, he delved right into what he was saying. “You’re getting older. I know you had a wish, a dream. I want to help you make sure it comes true.”

Marina blushed. How… How could this man know?!

“You see,” he continued, “I am descended from a long line of gypsies. My family, in particular, is gifted with the ability to help dreams come true. And that is what I would like to do for you, Marina.”

“What… what do you mean?” she asked nervously. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I can help you have a daughter,” he told her smoothly. “A beautiful daughter, the one you have always wanted.”

“How?” she found herself asking. Cecil smiled.

“Follow me.”

Cecil led Marina into the forest, through a trail that Marina had never seen before in her years of living in Dewey Valley. Actually, the fact that she had never known about it was extremely disconcerting. Yet she continued to follow this mysterious man. She was so caught up in the idea that she would have a daughter, that she didn’t even think of the consequences. Eventually, the trail opened up at to a small clearing, with a quaint cottage in the center.

“I’ve never known about this,” Marina remarked, surprised. Cecil chuckled.

“It hasn’t been around here long,” he replied. “Come inside with me.”

A person who wasn’t caught up in dreams probably would have suspected something right away, but not Marina. She followed Cecil inside the little cottage, looking around in surprise. “It’s so cute here!” she gasped. Cecil chuckled.

“I’m glad you think so! Would you care for something to drink?” he asked. Marina thought for a moment. All that walking had made her throat very dry…

“Okay,” she told him, sitting down at the kitchen table. Cecil smiled, and poured her a glass of something that looked like orange juice, and Marina eagerly poured it down her throat.

It was nightfall when Marina woke up. She was lying on a bed, and she had a painful headache. She groaned, and slowly sat up. To her dismay, she realized she was naked. Not only that, but the bed was in the middle of the woods! “What happened?” she moaned to herself, for the other side of the bed was empty. In fact, she couldn’t remember anything that happened, except–

She gasped. It all came rushing back to her. That.. That Cecil had given her some sort of drug in that drink, and convinced her to Woo-hoo with him… She also remembered that when he had finally taken his sunglasses off, that instead of the usual brown-hazel-blue-grey or green eyes, his eyes were a bright, piercing red. She couldn’t remember what he had told her about them, or what she had asked him… she had just stupidly gone along and slept with him!

“No,” she whispered. Even though she wanted a daughter, she hadn’t been willing to stoop so low!

As the months rolled by, Marina had managed to convince herself that it was all a dream. After all, who could ever have red eyes? However, something she couldn’t ignore was the fact that she discovered that she was pregnant. Yet she dismissed it. Maybe she just finally got lucky with her husband– they still woo-hooed a healthy amount.

When it was time to give birth, so many mixed feelings rushed through her head and her heart. The baby was a beautiful baby girl, just like she had dreamed. However, this baby came out with black hair and bright red eyes. Marshall was heartbroken. As both he and his wife were blond, there was no way that this child could be his. Overcome with guilt, Marina told Marshall everything– about the strange man, about the cottage that disappeared, and about the drug.

To her surprise, Marshall forgave her, and agreed to help raise the young girl, who Marina named Fae, as his own.

Fae’s childhood wasn’t necessarily a happy one. In school, she was always teased for looking so different than everyone else. In a town full of fair-haired children, young Fae had black hair and strange red eyes. Because of this, she had no friends and became somewhat of a loner. Still, she continued to dream that one day her prince would come.

In the meantime, Marina dedicated the rest of her life to try and figure out the mystery of Cecil Vörös and his gypsy ancestors. Still, she was unlucky in her endeavors. One day, when a teenaged Fae came home from school, Marina and Marshall, who were now elders and nearing the end of their time, decided to tell Fae the truth of her parentage.

Initially, Fae was angry. For 18 years of her life, her parents lied to her. She always thought she was just weird for looking different. But now that she actually had a reason, she was furious! She could’ve had an explanation to her childhood torment long ago! Then, as her anger faded, she felt relief. She had nothing to tie her down here anymore, she thought. Once her parents passed on, then she could leave this town that seemed to hate her. Maybe then, she could discover her true purpose in life and the truth about her father.

That spring, she graduated from high school, and both her mother and father died. Though she was grief-stricken, she knew this was her chance to spread her wings and fly away. So she spent her small inheritance on a plot of land, while her older brothers inherited the rest of her parent’s fortune and the house, telling her that since she was a bastard child, she shouldn’t get it.

Even though it would ultimately leave Fae poor, she didn’t care. She could leave Dewey Valley! So she set her sights on her new home: The large plot of land in Sunset Valley.